Medialogy works with eMAM and GB Labs to deliver a very robust/scalable and future proof Media Asset Management providing customers on prem and in cloud storage through GB labs fast and secure systems, to provide editors and users a peace of mind to work anywhere and simultaneously.

eMAM is a powerful media asset management platform that provides an online proxy library of digital content with rich collaboration tools while managing native resolution content in storage and archive. With a series of best-in-breed integrations, eMAM can provide complete integrated media workflows. eMAM systems range from small workgroups to large enterprise installations, on premise or in the cloud, with access from any web browser, Android tablet, or iPad.

GB Labs comprehensive range of storage and archiving products serve our customers’ needs from ingest to archive and everything in between. What is more, our solutions are easily scalable in both capacity and performance, with minimal downtime. This scalability means you can ‘buy as you grow’ which helps keep your initial investment low.