Our Team


Founder & CEO

Syed’s key focus at Medialogy is to enhance and build momentum for business growth around new and evolving technology services like 5G & low latency networks and providing clients a rich and valuable partnership. He is also tasked with enabling new and emerging media companies with robust and scalable technologies to strengthen their reach and revenue models across the globe, including developing and integrating strategic partnerships. Syed’s professional career spans over 27 years in Satellite Broadcast & Media with challenging roles across various multi-national organisations like Sony, UTV (Disney) ZEEL, ART & JML and others. He has led the rollout and operations of satellite tv channels, building world class technologies infrastructures across the globe during his career.

Marcus has worked in the television industry for nearly 40 years, ostensibly in programme delivery - managing personnel, both production and technical, work flows and processes culminating at The ITV Sports Channel and several high profile shopping channels. “I’m really looking forward to working with the creative technicians and system designers and integrators at Medialogy. The pace of technical changes to this industry during my working life is unparalleled and continues to evolve rapidly. Exploiting and managing the technical revolution is part of Medialogy’s DNA. I aim to bring a greater sense of process and procedure to the many projects in progress in order to maximize efficiency and therefore positively impacting our client base both now and in the future”.


General Manager